Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Play ball! There was something magical about listening to Ernie Harwell calling the Tiger games when I was a young boy. My Dad loved listening to the games and they were always on while he worked and when we drove somewhere. I only got to go to one Tiger game with my Dad when he was older and all of us kids were there. Even had his name on the board for his birthday. Funny, I have no idea who won the game and in that one, great evening, it really didn't matter.

So if you're in Branson but would like to catch a game, there's a St. Louis Cardinal minor league team in Springfield, just 45 minutes north, the Springfield Cardinals. They have an awsome stadium, Hammon's Field and it's always a good time. It'd be a fun way to break up your vacation. And if you go, be sure to stop by and visit the origional Bass Pro Outdoor World—it'd be the ultimate sports adventure.




Branson Tornado

Branson was hit by a tornado earlier this week which went through the older part of "The Strip" and down through Branson Landing. Because the twister hit Branson in the middle of the night, thankfully there were few injuries. Clean up is underway and the hope is to back up by summer. If you are planning to visit certain shows, there are a couple of theatres that were damaged soyou may want to check in to make sure that theatre is open. The tornado completely missed Little Bear Log Cabin, so other than some downed branches, everything looks great. Branson could really use you support. So come, visit, and stay and extra day.

Returning Guests

I'm sitting in my favorite chair enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Over in the corner of our living room are the orchids that I gave to Cathy last Valentine's Day. She's been caring for them and one of the plants sent up buds a few weeks ago. There's a soft light coming through that window and the blooms have started to open. They're as beautiful as they were the first time. So what do orchids have to do with Little Bear Log Cabin and Branson? They came back to be enjoyed again. If you've ever stayed with us, we hope that you had a great time and would consider coming back again. The first time you visit some place, it's exciting and new. But sometimes if you've found just the right spot, being familiar is even more enjoyable and comfortable. Funny, the first time those orchids were a gift to my wife. Now they're a gift to me too.

Branson Winter Warm Up

Winter temperatures have finally returned to the Ozarks. We stopped by to have dinner with some friends at the cabin across from ours last evening-which was wonderful. When we came back to to Little Bear, it was the perfect time for a fire. You see, things have been hectic for our family lately and Cathy lost one of her dear friends this week. So a cozy little break was just what the doctor ordered. You gotta love this log cabin.


We're having an amazing weather weekend and thought we'd run down to Little Bear and do a little TLC. The oak trees shed their bounty of acorns this fall but our gutters always hang on to a few. With 60 degrees and blue skies, it was time to "getter' done.

With a clean roof and a ring of firewood, Little Bear is ready for some cozy relaxing winter getaways. Check out the calendar to the left and find some time to recharge your life.