It's Mother's Day weekend and it's been almost perfect. You see, My wife Cathy is the heart of our vacation rental log cabin business. She's the one most likely you'll talk to. She tries to make your vacations as relaxing and enjoyable as she does for our family. Always planning. Always thinking about what we we like for our family then translating that to Little Bear Log Cabin for our guests. So before we went to St. Louis for a picnic with her Mother, we went down to the cabin to plant flowers. Crazy for rental property when there's no staff to care for them. But that's not how she rolls. Beautiful inside and out. We are sharing our vacation "home", why should it be any different? I love that about her. Cathy has been blessed with the gift of hospitality. And our children and I have been blessed with her. Happy Mother's Day Cathy. You are the Mama Bear of Little Bear.